Christmas is our passion

In the footsteps of their ancestors ...

In the summer of 1986, Klaus Mueller-Blech travelled to the United States on a business trip. While visiting a fellow Christmas ornament collector, Klaus discovered they had a few old glass Christmas birds; like those his parents and ancestors had crafted generations ago in Germany. They became the first ornaments in one of the most beautiful and biggest collections of antique Christmas ornaments worldwide which he collected with his wife Brigit during the last twenty years. Since 2001, they have been on exhibit in the Historical German Christmas Museum, Weihnachtsmuseum, in Neustadt near by Coburg in northern Bavaria. Both Brigit and Klaus Mueller-Blech are descended from old Thuringian glassblower families. To this day they produce "Inge-Glas" hand blown Christmas ornaments in their family workshop according to old tradition.



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Birgit and Klaus Müller-Blech